Mom's Spending Power Shapes Family Vacation In The Year Ahead

Family Travel Experts Explore Consumer Trends Impacting the Business of Family Vacations

(New York, January 7, 2013) – Findings from the two Family Travel Conferences held in 2012 demonstrate that the enormous family segment of the travel industry -- estimated to comprise more than 100 million leisure trips per year in the United States alone -- is more influential than ever. 

In an era when moms control $2.4 trillion (US) in spending, selling to the family travel market is smart say industry experts Eileen Ogintz, creator of, and Kyle McCarthy, founder of Family Travel Forum, who have formed Family Travel Consulting. They surveyed dozens of family bloggers and industry experts to identify the 10 strongest trends for 2013:

1.Toddlers Rule the Travel Roost
Toddlers are seen as the key to building generations of repeat customers, especially since 37% of traveling grandparents have kids in tow.

2. Multigenerational Travel is Golden
Multigenerational travel has taken the lead in the family market; this well-funded and active group of seniors travels almost 25% more than the average leisure traveler.

3. Cruise Industry Evolves Faster for Family Market
More than 1.5 million children are cruising every year and, with 10 new ships slated for 2013, there will be more innovation in cruising than in any other segment of the family vacation market. 

4. Health and Eating Equal Family Vacation Wellness
The average American family is so obsessed with food that parents are demanding kids’ menus with farm-to-table entrees and weight-reducing snacks.

5. Mobile Connects Families on the Go to Travel Plans
Moms are 38% more likely than the general public to own smartphones, communicating hundreds of times per week via email, texting and social media, with tablet usage close behind.

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