Five Wonderful Reasons To Stay At the Omni Hotels (and Bring Your Kids, Too!)

Earlier this year, I was invited to take part in the Family Travel Conference, hosted by The funny thing is that many of the sponsors did not know I was about to become a mom, but I took it as a sign of good luck and fortune and was thrilled at the opportunity to learn more about family travel from the pros.

All of the participants received an opportunity to stay at the Omni Berkshire Place in New York City, and to learn a little bit more about what sets this brand apart from the rest. For starters, the Omni Hotel chain, which consistently ranks high in customer satisfaction in well-known surveys (such as the ones by J.D. Power and Associates), takes pride in the details. I've always said: anyone can give you a room with a bed and a few pillows, but few hotels will make you feel like a special guest.

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