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Omni Berkshire Place: Teen Tested and Traveling Mom Approved.

The Omni Berkshire Is Put To The Test – and Passes With Flying Colors. Most of the time, our family travel involves destination. It’s all about being somewhere different, seeing the sights, and getting a taste of a new place. And most of the time, our hotel room is just a place where we shower and sleep. It’s just a pit stop in the city we’re racing through.

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Why Times Square for Southern Barbeque?

Broadway, bordering 44th Street with 6th Avenue. Now that’s an exciting neighborhood for a former Jersey girl living in the deep South to visit. I took Jet Blue from Jacksonville, Florida to JFK, never imagining I was bound for barbecue. Why on earth would I eat barbecue with Times Square beckoning? Everybody serves BBQ in my part of the world.

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A Weekend in New York City with Family - A First Timer's Guide

New York, New York, It’s a heck of a town!  New York is a mecca of tourist attractions and has something to offer everyone, no matter your age, gender, or taste.  You can find world class museums, theater, shopping, eating, and sporting events.   With all this city has to offer, it may be hard to decide where to base your first trip to NYC but for the first timer, I think mid-town is the best place to be.  There is so much in to do in this part of town traveling to other neighborhoods of the city is easy via foot, cab, or subway.

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